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Insulation & Ventilation

Keeping your loft conversion cosy with the latest multi-layer insulation technology, at an affordable cost — so that your loft will not be hot in summer or cold in winter!

We use a high tech Multi-layer Insulation Blanket For use in Roofs. It offers massive thermal insulation in a thin, flexible, multi-layer membrane, and has been tested by the National Physical Laboratory to show a 13.7% better performance than its nearest competitor and is guaranteed for the life of the building!



Insulation Spec:

  • 14 layers of insulation:
    • 2 outer layers of Metallic Foil
    • 2 layers of Flexible Wadding
    • 6 layers of Closed Cell Foam
    • 4 further layers of Metallic Foil
  • Light Weight – only 9.5Kg per each 1.5m x 10m Roll
  • Low Bulk – 25mm thickness – approx equivalent to 200mm mineral wool/fibre
  • Tear resistant
  • Keeps heat in during Winter
  • Keeps heat out during Summer
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